Saturday, May 13, 2006


wow...has it really been over a year since i last posted?? things were just gettin 2 crazy..schoolwork was piling up...and when i wasnt working i didnt wanna be sitting at my computer...that was the main reason for the halt in the posts.

But i think now ima try to bring the blog back...TRY bein the key word...

sorry to say this first entry of my return will SUCK because the reason y im bloggin again is cuz im bored out of my effing mind!!

heres a note for those prospective students: FROSTBURG IS BORING WHEN NOTHING IS GOING ON!!! I just finished my last project (for havin such a difficult and crazy semester, its odd how im suddenly all done now...) and all thats left to do is study for finals...which doesnt start til thursday soo...IM NOT STUDYING YET! :)

so tryin 2 find somethin 2 do...too bad everyone else has work out their @ss, or they went home...or they r MIA and i dunno what is goin on w/ them...

mayn...its funny how times like this make u WISH u still had some work to do...almost....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

okaaayyy..time to update a bit!! Happy 4th of July! a day late. i went and saw some fireworks...some on july 1st then some last night. Te ones on July 4th were at Tanger (outlet mall). Those ones were really good. loved it. Then last night we went to Barefoot Landing and saw their fireworks...they were just so-so. I mean, they were nice, but nothing very impressive. So..yeah...if u guys are ever in the Myrtle Beach (SC) area around the 4th of July, i recommend going to Tanger for good fireworks.

Besides all that, ive just been working alot. The snack bar has been super busy now, with it being the week of the 4th of July. Yesterday i worked the day shift, and it was the busiest day yet for me this year! i mean...after working the same shift the past 2 years on the 4th of July, i expected it to be busy, but still...i just keep asking myself....dont these people cook out or somethin?? thats what ur SUPPOSED to do in the dad and brother had came down for a few days, but they left this morning. That was nice. Between college and working out of the state in the summer, i really dont see my family much at all. I wish my mom had come down too...oh well...ill see them again later in the summer.

and thats whats up w/ me!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

well...the past several weeks at home had been good...catchin up w/ old friends...going places...even had a lil reunion w/ some of my middle school friends: I met up w/ Margaret, Melanie and Amy at Bowie Town Center and we spent the day hanging out and catching up...that was great...gotta do that again sometime. :)

anyways, im now in Myrtle Beach, SC working. yup..time to make that money! Ive been here for a whole week now....been woring everyday. Tomorrow is my first day off...yay! lol. ive signed up to work 6 days a week...hey...i need that money! lol

but its been good. Shopping..(well...looking in shops...haha)...goin to the beach....working...all that.

Now it feels like summer has started!! lol

Thursday, June 02, 2005

These past few weeks have been soo good! lol. Tuesday, i went to the eye doctor and YAY! im getting contacts! im so excited...finally i will be able to see using my peripheal (sp?) vision!! haha! lol. Then i played tennis and chilled at Tucker Rd. w/ sharis 4eva...then we went back to good 'ol OHHS to see our junior tennis teams buds at their sports banquet. So we chatted w/ Coach Yates and our junior friends, and we walked around the school...mayn...its getting worse and worse...holes in the walls...grafitti still up from class day...stuff falling surprising, things never change. But i still love OH.

Wednesday was, steph, ian, gerard and sharis did another DC trip. We started off at Cleveland Park and went to this yummy Asian restaurant, Spices. good General Tso's chicken. haha...dnt get the Tom Yum Sum soup tho...haha...Ian got it...he said it was good, but it smelled like shit! haha..sharis compared it to a pet store, while i likened it to the elephanthouse at the zoo. haha.

Speaking of the zoo, after food we walked up to the National Zoo and walked around there a bit...lookin at the Amazonia section, and the seals and cheetahs and all that. After hanging out there for awhile we went to Ballston Commons mall and walked around, and got starbucks mocha frappacinos...mmm...and walked around some more...good times. Then we finished the day going to Pentagon City and wandering around there. We ran into Brittany and Candace in the Discovery Store, and Mike works at Pentagon, so we talked to him breifly.

Anyways..then today i worked out and chilled, then went w/ Sharis to Oxon Hill High's '05 graduation to see our junior friends graduate. Aww...I MISS HIGH SCHOOL!! the ceremony went as expected..wild, ghetto, crazy, fun. And i was able to talk to new graduates Marvin, Kevin, Kennith and a few others afterwards. We sat w/ Tuck at the graduation and talked to her alot, and then we ran into our fellow alumni: Amanda, Lawrence...i saw Chasitybut wasnt close enough to talk to her...saw Corey!! ahh! i forgot he went to our school..then i saw him and was like...COREY!! haha...and saw Donte and some other pple...that was real nice. And i talked to Conway and Mr. Ware and Gilliard...mayn i miss high school! It was rough, but we had some good times..i love Oxon Hill.
I gotta go back and visit again sometime...

Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day!!!

time to catch up o my blogging:

Wednesday i went to see the new Star Wars movie w/ Lindsay. Im not a fan of Star Wars, and i never saw any of the other movies, but i actually liked this movie. It was my opinion. And it was nice seeing Linddsay again. ;)

Thursday was HIGHLY, sharis, stephand ian got all-day metro passes and basically went mall-hopping everywhere in the DC/MD/VA metro area. lol. It was all impromptu. We started off going to Cleveland Park to eat at this Chinese food place Sharis liked...but when we found it, it was already closed for the lunch shift.
So...we hopped back on the metro and went to Pentagon City, and wandered for a few hours around there. That is one big and expensive mall!! lol...i like looking, but i will probably never buy things from there...waaay over my price range. itwas fun tho.
Then after Pentagon, we decided we were hungry, so we hopped back on the metro and road to Largo Town Center, and after walking through there a bit we ate at the Golden Coral there. yum! Their banana puding is soo good! tho...its not as good as Lindsay's grandfather's pudding!! mmmm...haha.
After dinner, we went to a few shoe stores and the Circuit City there to look around,then got back on the metro and rode to Ballston Commons. By the time we got there though, it was about 9:30pm or so, and the stores in the mall were closed/closing. But we walked around the mall anyways, then up and down the street there, before catching the metro back home. So...our metro area shopping trip ended around 11:30pm times. :)

Then Friday was my cousin, Andrew's graduation from McNamara. So we went to the national shrine in DC...very nice church...but not great for a graduation...the pews are uncomfortable and its VERY hard to see...i couldnt see anyone's faces or anything cause we were so far in the back and there was a tall person sitting in front of me. So...yeah...Oxon Hill's graduation was better ;)
Then after the ceremony, we all took pictures, then went to Hong Kong International in Waldorf for lunch. gooood stuff. i *heart* chinese food. :)

Then Saturday was Andrew's graduation party. That was ok. a lil socializing...a lil eating...a lil basketball...blah blah blah...all that usual cookout stuff. it was nice,tho lasted longer than i thought it would.

Sunday was a chill day...then today my dad, brother and I took the dog for a walk along the canal by DC...i cant remember where exactly. We walked about 4 miles...nice weather. We saw some kyakers (sp?) which makes me wanna try one of those pple that will see something and be like...ooohh...i wanna try that...haha. ill do it one of these days. :) im bored....anyone wanna do something, call/IM/email me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Im home!!! So u guys (my friends...) need to call/IM/get ahold of me to hang out! I dont care where we go or when or what we do...but i wanna see all u guys!!

So far at home, ive mostly been chillin w/ the family. My grandmother from Maine, who i havent seen in years came down and didnt leave til this morning, so my family went out to eat alot w/ her...Sunday morning Bob Evans....yesterday we went to the mall (i bought earrings and a shirt) and Red Lobster.

Other then that ive been chillin...and working trying to do an hour a day, 5 days a keep in shape 4 swim season and just cause im trying to be healthier...Frostburg's food killed me...dessert

Today was fun...i had a dentist appointment inthe morning (well..that wasnt too, but then much of the evening/aftrnoon was spent at the mall lookin around, then at it was fun. I wet w/ steph, ian, gerard and sharis. I felt a lil like the fifth wheel...but it was still lots of fun..good times..i was in a very good happy to justget out the house. :)

Then this night i worked out...watched some tv..chilled w/ im talking to too many pple computer more ethernet...hellloooo

Monday, May 16, 2005

Yay! i am almost done!!

lol..this weekend i was in a pretty bad Sunday i woke up w/ a sore throat and stuffy nose, and all i wanted to do was sleep...but i had 2 finals today, so i knew i had to study. So...i spent most of the day in the library or in my room or in the 4th floor lounge at Cambridge studying. the only fun thing was dinner yesterday. We went to Lane, as we always do on Sundays, but we sat there for almost 3 hours was so of the time we were just crackin up and talkin about how eachother was soo funny!
but then it was back to studying, til i took medicine and it knocked me out around 12:30...

and i had to wake up early for my 8am math final, then i had a lil time b4 my 11:15 history final. I think i did pretty good on them both. i cant really tell...but i think i did good. Im guessing a B on both?? i dunno..i dont wanna jinx it...but right now im satisfied. And i was boosted for 3 reasons:
1. I got a 98% on my last history paper...yay!
2. I got a 90% on my paper and presentation in chem, bringing my grade up to an 83%, so i have a set B in the class, so i dont have to take that final. yay!
3. I got an 82% on my computer science final on Saturday, so my grade is a 93%, so i got an A in comp sci!

My grade report so far:
Chem: B
Comp. Sci. A

Now i chill til my last final on Thursday, which is human communications. Its cumulative, but i usually do very well on his tests (A's w/ hardly any studying...) so ima study for this and try to get another A. So til wed...ill chill..then wed. i study...thurs i take the final...then chill til summer begins Friday when i leave. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Classes are OvEr!! but this week is finals...ugh. its only the beginning and ive already been studying more than i ever have in my life, just in the past 2 days!!

Friday, there were no classes cause its a "reading day"..and we all basically lived in the library studying. At night, me, jamima, allen, sam and danielle were in the basement of Sowers from midnight to almost 4:30am this morning studying! it was funny tho...cause every once in awhile we would start talkin...then around 3am Yao and Andrew came in and were jokin around...hey were so funny..they r always lying but u can never tell if they are or not! its so funny...

so i went to bed at 5am this up at 10am...did laundry and studied...went to brunch..studied more..then i had a final in comp. sci. at 2pm...i thought i did well.

but...i have 2 big finals on monday, so tomorrow i will LIVE in the library...

Tonight after dinner, i went bowling w/ shannon and steph. that was score was 125...i got 2 strikes and 3 spares. it was funny..i never do that good!
Then we went to DQ and i got mah reese cup it was a good night after a stressful day. tho tomorrow..back to the books 24/7.

rite now im addicted to limewire...
and i think im gettin a

Monday, May 09, 2005

***Study Break***

ahhh! i will be so happy once tomorrow is OvEr! lol.

well..i guess today wasnt too all the tests and studying. For dinner, we did something different, since it was such a nice day. Me, steph, deena and allen (he was there in the beginning), went to the sub shop and got subs, then ate outside..great weather. lovely day. :)

then we walked around, then ended up chillin in steph's lounge. Josh was sittin there watchin movies, so we watched w/ him and talked alot, mostly about school. He is a mass comm. major, so we talked alot about classes, professors, internships, etc. Then Jason came walkin by and we discussed our chem presentations..i give mine tomorrow..finally! i can get it out of the way!! lol.

after that i left and went to the pool. I swam somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 yards tonight. Then, i got back from the pool a lil after 10pm, then looked over my chem presentation and studied more for my math test tomorrow...
im about to go back to that again. Its REALLY easy stuff...but its so easy i bet ima make real stupid mistakes. or watch me blank out on the easiest formulas. that would suck. i REALLY want an A in there. Ill feel dumb if i get a B in "Mathematical Problem Solving." lol...Mrs. O'neal will probably cry...haha. Her class was hell, and i cames less than inches away from failing...but i love Mrs. O'Neal..she is so nice.

well..back to studying...i drank a starbucks expresso doubleshot about an hour ago...its still sleep for me in the near

wow. Last week of classes...where did this year go???

Today was pretty stressful...I had two of them i really wanted to do well on, cause then i wont have to take the final...i guess ill find out on wednesday...
Tomorrow will suck too...i have a 15min. presentation to give in Chemistry, and i have a math test. The test is on really easy stuff, but its a lot to memorize so i gotta study all that...i studied today for 2 hours for that, and ill study more tonight.

After tomorrow, the week will be easy. All I'll have until finals is to finish my history paper, but thats not bad and I'm halfway done that, anyways.

This weekend was decent, though i wanted it to be better.
Friday night I went to Walmart and the mall w/ Steph, Sam and Danielle. We tried on clothes at DEBS and just messed around for awhile, then came back around...i dunno..10pm??
Then some pple in the dorm i know of, but dont kno very well, tried to drag me off to a party..but i felt like a lowkey night, so i was like...nah...haha.
Instead, i met up w/ the usual crew and hung out in Sams room, playin w/ her guitar and listening to music and just chillin. I stayed there til about 12:20am, then went back to my room, went online then went to sleep.

Saturday, I went to brunch, then did laundry and stuff til about 5pm, then me, deena, steph and danielle went to see the African Student Alliance Showcase. It was GREAT. i was very impressed...i didnt expect them to have as much as they did. It was a fashion show, and had a funny play, and a slideshow, and dance performances. The whole thing lasted a little over 3 hours. It was all very good. And 2 of my friends, Jamima and Sid were models in a few parts of the fashion shows. It was real good. Tickets for it were $6, and it was a charity event to earn money for the crisis in Sudan. I think they could have charged like...$10 easy for was a good show. lots of fun.

Then that night was the ASA afterparty. Me, Steph, Danielle, Sam, Ryan, Sharis and Gerard went to that, but spent the longest time debating whether we should go in or not. See...Lane Center parties always are from 10pm til 2am...but they dont get busy til we always go at midnight. well...there was just one problem w/ this party: Originally, the ASA party was to be from 10pm-2am, and then the frat Sigma was having a house party from 2am til whenever. BUT...right before the ASA party was to start we all were finding out the Sigma party was now from midnight til everyone went to that instead. so the ASA was pretty dead. So we all stood outside debating for a minute...then finally was like..this is our last weekend to lets go. Eventually it did get a decent numbr of pple...and i had a good time, thought it was real weak compared to other Lane parties.

When that ended at 2am, some of us still wanted to party since next weekend we all will be studing for finals, steph, ryan, mike and deena went to the Sigma party. It was fun like always and we were having a good time...but no later than a half hour after we got there, the DJ cut the music and everyone had to shut up, cause the cops were outside. But u kno how pple are...they would not shut up! so the DJ was gettin mad and beggin pple to be quiet...and finally everyone got semiquiet. The whole situation lasted forever... Then they had to do a soundcheck to see if the cops out front could hear the music, and not the people...well...they heard the people!! So Sigma got a noise violation...and that made them mad so they kicked everyone out and the party was over.

So me, ryan, steph, and deena walked back to campus debating what to do..cause we still werent tired...but then we decided just to split.
So i got back to my room around 3:30am, then went to sleep a lil after 4am.

Then Sunday..OMG....i did the dumbest thing ever!!! lol
I have NO IDEA why....but i woke up and for some reason thought it was Monday! I rolled over and looked at my said 9:15am....and i was like OH SHIT!! cause on monday (today) i had a test at 9am! So i thought i was late for my test!!! So i dove out of bed and didnt kno what to do...but i couldn't get a zero on a i pulled on jeans and put my hair up...but then was like..thats all i gotta go!! so i started throwing my books in my bookbag, all the time asking myself: WHY DIDNT I SET MY ALARM CLOCK?? I DIDNT EVEN STUDY FOR THIS TEST...WHY THE HELL DIDNT I STUDY FOR THIS TEST?? WHEN WAS I PLANNING ON STUDYING??? then it hit me: Sunday...i had planned to study on sunday...

lol..then at that moment my roomate rolls over and looks at me and is like "Megan...what are you doing??" and then i asked her, "Its Sunday..isnt it?" and when she said yes...i went right back to sleep. lol. it was hilarious!

anyways, sunday was spent pretty much doing work and studying all day, w/ a break for dinner at that chicken ceaser wrap..haha.

and now...i shall get back to work...history paper hear i come!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Once again...i've dug myself a deep hole by not blogging in forever, though ive had some highly entertaining and busy days. Ill start with last friday:
In the afternoon i went to walmart after work w/ pple...then in the evening i met up w/ the swim team chicas to get ready for out 1st ever SWIM TEAM FORMAL! lol. it was like prom all over again...good times. We got all fancy and partied the night away eating good food (CHEESECAKE!! mm..) and dancing and just being goofy, at the Maplehurst Country Club. i was there from about 8-11pm. then i got back, changed into normal clothes, then met up w/ sharis, gerard and deena...and we hung out in sharis' room, then went to "spring fling," a dance party in chesapeake dining hall...which was fun and had a good turnout, tho i couldnt get passed th fact that it was in the DINING HALL! lol..ive done everything now...haha. and after that, i got to sleep a lil after 3am.

Saturday was great too. It was Spring Fest here at Frostburg...good times!! so much going on. After brunch i went to the Block Show w/ some pple at 2pm, tho it didnt start til 3pm ( which was fun, though at one point it got pretty serious...callin out pple...not too cool...
Then we went to the gym where all the activities were. We wandered free cotton candy, popcorn, smoothies..etc.
Then we decided we wanted real food, so the group of us went to the caf for the "cook in", since it was raining outside. that was okay...nothin special about hotdogs and beans served inside

then me, deena, sharis, and later gerard joined us...we went back to the gym...and it was SOO fun!! They had this moonbounce obstacle course that u race pple raced sharis and beat her, then i raced gerard twice...winning the first and BARELY losing the were at the end running, and i saw him jumpin i dove and landed right behind him..haha.
Then me and gerard did the jousing

and then the FUNNEST THING EVER: moonbounce laser tag!! it was laser tag in this moonbounce dome, but there were all these floppy moonbounce poles all through we were tripping and falling and hiding and fun. And we were playing real dirty too...tackling eachother...doin suicide missions just running through the thing shooting and falling..haha. so great. did that 3 times...BEST THING EVER!!! Guys...thats what i want for my birhday...more than that chocolate fountain i was talking so great.

then we took pictures...they had this thing where it makes u look like ur on a magazine we did that. for memories..haha

then saturday night was another dance party, this time in the Lane Center...went to that and had a blast. :)

and then Sunday was mostly a catch up on work day.

Fastforeward a bit to this Tuesday: another great night. It was Gerard's birthday, and we planned a surprise party for him in a lounge in Cambridge (steph's building). it was great. Had about 18 pple over there, cake, ice cream, loud was a good time. haha. And Gerard had No IdEa!! lol. the party itself was great, and planning it was a blast..i love planning things. Sharis bought the food and invited pple, i bought decorations...we all talked about it. that night while we put our distraction plan into action, i decorated the lounge, with deena's assistance. and slowsly pple started coming and me and sharis' were callin back in forth makin sure everything was cool. it was great.
after several trips to walmart, planning sessions, a few hours of decorating and setting up, and running around w/ the ice cream for 45minutes on monday trying to find a freezer big enough for it w/out gerard seeing all worked out. so nice. :)

and then tonight after chillin at dinner then in Lane chatting, i went to the probate at echo circle. it was for a brand new sorority: Sigma Gamma Rho. it was cool. watched the stepping, found out about the sorority, socialized w/ my friends..good times.

and instead of partying like the REST of my dorm on Cinco de Mayo...ive been studying for a chem quiz...i must keep my B!!! lol

Friday, April 29, 2005

today was a nice day. classes were was fine...gym was fine...
Dinner was fun...stayed there for almost 2 hours just talkin and chillin...then we migrated to the Loft and continued our conversation for another 2 hours...til about 10pm... just talkin bout random things...planning things...reminicing bout old tv shows and little kid books...then it was hilarious...we were saying all those old hand-clap rhymes and little games...remember Helicopter?? with the jump rope? (helicopter helicopter please come down, if u sont ill shoot u down..bang bang what about: jigalo, jig hands up high my feet down low, this the way i was so funny...we had GOOD TIMES back then! lol

and then i get through classes and work tomorrow...then comes the weekend
and this is gonna be a SUPER busy least friday and saturday will be. I almost overbooked myself (lol) for tomorrow night, but hopefully i can do everything im tryin to do. :)

im kicking myself for messing things up later this week...i scheduled an appointment w/ my history professor about a paper we gotta write (the meeting is mandatory) for 3:00pm...forgetting i have a lab til 4pm that day...shit...i alwayz mix up my tuesday and thursday schedules!! Thats the third time ive done that! other news:
CONGRATULATIONS, FROSTBURG! WE HAVE MADE NATIONAL NEWS! Everything from the Baltimore Sun, to ESPN, to the local papers, to natioanl news networks! We are ON THE MAP! why, u ask? Apparently, theres a big hazing scandal goin on...namely w/ the field hockey team. can we say...possible jail time, anyone??? Here's an article about it, if u wanna know more: Article

Thursday, April 28, 2005

HaPPy HumP DaY!!

lol....its the middle of the week already..woow..
cant say ive done much...swimming monday night was fun and a big workout...gym the rest of the week...whew!

Classes r going fine...had a test today in human communications...i studied for it yesterday night w/ this girl in my class, Amy, who i talk to a bit in there. shes cool. And ive been making some big progress in my many projects. I still have a lot to do, but I feel caught up...its a great feeling, actually. lol

Dinner conversations have been good...had the big group back again...we sit there and talk from about 6:30pm til nice...funny conversations. :)

so everything is good here...still working...still chillin...still addicted to facebook...haha.

a lil disappointed no one wanted to come see "Hotel Rwanda" w/ me...i didnt go cause i didnt wanna have to walk up and back by myself..not too fond of Edgewood...only been in there once...o well...I HAVE NO FRIENDS!! lol j/k guys...u kno im playin...ill get over it haha

Monday, April 25, 2005

Once again, im a lil behind on the Friday 5:
The Friday Five for April. 22 2005
Marvelous Music

1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought?
hmmm..well...the first 2 tapes i remember getting had that song "Uptown Girl" on it...Billy Joel?? i dunno lol...and then Seal. But if u just mean the first one i bought MYSELF, it was one of Mariah Carey's tapes.
2. Who is your favorite all time band/singer?
Boys II Men, hands down. all their songs r great. You put that on in the car and ill be singing away. Their "Legacy" cd is the shiznit!!

3. What have you been listening to lately?
i keep switchin up...R&B mostly..tho ive been into rap and raggae alot too.

4. What is your favorite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast?
well..Frostburg literally has NO here i listen to internet radio stations, cds, or BET. Back home tho, my fav. station was 99.5, which played a variety of todays hits, tho mostly R&B/rap/pop/alternative/light rock...but they will pretty much play anything. It brodcasts in DC/VA/MD. I also will listen to 99.5 or 93.9 which is mostly rap/R&B, if 99.5 is on a commercial break. :)

5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to? Well...i just got Mariah Carey's new cd, "Emancipation of Mimi", and the whole thing is great...i love it! Forget what i said about Mariah...even after her breakdown, she is still the best! :)

the weekend is OvEr!! Overall, it was a good weekend.

Friday after classes i was gonna go to the gym, but then it started raining/storming so i was like...nah...thats a long walk..haha.
So we went to dinner and chilled for awhile, then we went to the Loft and watched Frostburg's first "Last Comic Standing Contest." There were only 3 performers. It was funny, but I have seen them and others be evn funnier at regular open mic nights or comedy nights. But it was good tho..made me laugh and thats all that matters. Then i went back to my room and did a lile work.
Then around 10:30pm or so i went to Sharis' room and chilled w/ her, Gerard and time.
Then we joined up w/ Sam and Danielle and went to the dance party in Cumberland Hall's basement, and stayed there til almost 2am. It was pretty fun...thats the first time they have had a dance party in a residence hall. It was dark and not as many pple as there are at Lane Center parties..but i didnt expect that cause its a much smaller space. it was fun tho.

Then Saturday, my dad and brother came up (yay!) cause we had our swim team banquet at the Maplehurst Country Club. The food was disappointing (hotdogs, burgers, beans and potato salad?? we expected better...o well)...but the banquet itself was funny and cool. And i got the most improved award...that was exciting, cause i wasnt expecting anything. It was a good time.

Then i went to the mall and walmart w/ my family, then we went to KFC for dinner...omg..i havent been there in so long! yum!!
Then they left, and i went to the dining hall w/ sam, jamima and danielle...tho i didnt eat anything since i had just ate..i just wanted to socialize. Then we went to Danielle's for a movie night and saw "Anchorman"...such a dumb movie but i find it hilarious!! Then i came back to the dorm around 1:30am, but then sat in the kitchen and talked to Jerry til about 2:30am or so...

Then today was a homework day. After breakfast, i locked myself in my room til dinner..but i finished my chem paper!! yay! One project down...about 5 more to go...
Then we went to dinner at Lane, which was AMAZING!! lol..i got my usual chicken caesar wrap which was great as usual...but then i got this thing called a "cheesecake parfait" was whipped cream, strawberry stuff and pieces of REAL cheesecake in a cup....MMMMMMM! that made my day...i LOVE cheesecake..

Then me, deena, virak and steph went to steph's lounge and we played spades and watched tv til we got bored. Then i did some more work while watching "the patriot" on tv....then sharis called and we talked about everything under the sun for a long time. was a good weekend...

and to think...i only got like 4 weeks left here til next fall....*sigh*...

Friday, April 22, 2005

whhhyyyyy...does everyday feel like a friday??? lol....the semester is ending...

Today was a good day. Had 2 classes...had workstudy. If i get workstudy next yer, Im going to do it w/ the same supervisor/department/place. But my supervisor said that she'd like to get more students working at the station, but said that she would like to get it so that i would be able to completely plan and set up the programming myself...nice... And then i wouldn't just be "Cable Channel 3 Assistant," like i am title would be "Program Director"...which would look GrEaT on my resume. :) Not to mention i would like to learn how to do more of that kind of thing. Ive done programming before, but just setting up the tapes...i dont kno how to actually plug in the times or anything, or schedule when everything plays. So that would be cool. :)

After workstudy i chilled before heading out to the gym...did the stairmaster for a half hour...then weights...then ab work...yeah..i love the gym.

Then we all went to dinner. That was great...they had some special thing goin was all Hawiian Luau themed..the workers were wearing hawiian shirts and leis...there were decorations...all the food was all tropical..fruity stuff...hawiian pizza...fried bananas..sweet and sour chicken...watermelon...all sorts of good stuff. so that was great. and they had music/kareoke...good times. So we stayed there til they kicked us out at closing haha.

then we went to the Lane Center to watch Open Mic nite...a little dead this time...but still cool..and we were talkin and jokin all through it. Then me, Deena and Danielle were bored, so we went to PAC and played on a piano in there. I wish i knew how to play an instrument...drums....i really wanna learn to play drums...tho piano is pretty

then i spent the night workin on my chem paper...

now ima do a lil Facebook...haha...then sleep...cause ive been so tired lately...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hi. My name is Megan. I am here today, to admit that I have a problem. I am ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK!!! lol...Frostburg FINALLY got Facebook on Sunday...i got on it on Monday...and ever since then have been spending hours on there. many pple to talk to!! haha.

Tonight i talked to Adric on IM (found his AIM through Facebook)for a good long while. That was nice..havent talked to him in ages. And i talked to Kayla, Shadonna and Shadonna's friend Jessica (whom ive talked to b4 online) in a chat. That was funny. Then i talked to Ian...who made me angry.... then Ferran breifly...whom ive been messaging on Facebook for awhile
Then i finally got some work done! haha.

Today i went to the gym w/ allen, deena, steph, sharis and gerard. Allen and I ran the entire Loop...o...m..g...and to think we used to run that all the time for swimming!! lol. we ended up walking up the 2nd big hill by Edgewood...but we ran all the rest..including that big @ss hill right in the middle of campus. yup. painful. lol. but we did it!! Then we joined the others in the gym and lifted a bit and did some crunches. yup yup. tryin 2 stay all fit and healthy. :)

The drama from b4 has simemred down a bit. I think all the talks have helped. Its still not like it was before...i dont think it will ever get back to that way...i dont think it can...but its getting better. We all have been talking/joking more like old times...its getting better. Progress is a good thing...

and now...i will go to sleep, so that i will get my necessary 6 hours of sleep. :) peace...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

well today was certainly...interesting. Highly unproductive as fas as schoolwork is concerned...but im working on what is to me, more important issues right now...

I apologize for blowing up in my last entry...but better things come out on paper/the computer screen than to people.

I started off the day upset about everything...and it continued when i heard whom i refer to as the "ringleader" and the person most affected by this got into a big argument...and then the ringleader was mad at me for telling the other one about what i heard her saying. So that made me mad cause she had been talkin bout how I had no right to snitch like that...but im like usually i dont do that unless its big like this...and who gave YOU the right to share other people's personal business/lives?? so that made me mad, and if we woulda ran into eachother earlier and if she woulda said something to me about it, i woulda went off...cause up til about 1pm today i was pissed.

Work study cooled me off a bit...then when i got off at 3pm i spent the rest of the time til dinner on Facebook..haha...Frostburg finally has it! holla!

Dinner was okay but not the same as it used to be...

and then tonight, the ringleader IMed me apologizinf for blaming me and saying that i was the wrong one, and we talked it over..then i asked some questions i need if she saw the division between all of us....and i tried to get her to see where me and some of the others are coming from.
But i dont know what came out of it. I feel better now that i know we can talk about it civilly, at least through IM...and that now i have heard more about her thoughts, and was able to share my piece...
But honetly she is very unbending and seems to be taking the other 2 along w/ her and unless peoples behaviors change or pple become more open-minded or just let things slide...i dont see how anything will be fixed.

Sadly, i doubt very much that things will get back to how they used to be. That depresses me...

Ive been so stressed out lately, like ive been fighting a losing battle...and its not cause of school work or anything..its all cause of THIS.

Im trying my best to understand everything going on, and to speak calmly and not blow up about it, and to find a solution...but i cant. I dont think this is fixable unless changes are made, but i dont see those that leaves us with nothing.

What do we do now, guys?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I hate fuckin close-minded people. thats probably one of my biggest pet peeves. and hypocrites. Im pissed...i dont like what is going on here. The "fading" group of friends is now pretty much divided sharply in half. Its pissing me off. I dont like what is happening at all and i think the ring-leader of it all needs to stop being so fuckin headstrong and imposing on people. Open your damn eyes...take other people's feelings and opinions into consideration. She's probably the most close-minded person at the moment that I know, and she's causing a lot of unecessary drama.

Who gave you the right to share other people's private business with other people?!!
Who made your beliefs and opinions law??!
If im not mistaken, YOU ARE NOT GOD, even though you may think you are.
And if you would just LISTEN for a minute to what other people have to say, you would realize that you are pushing other people away and making some of us very mad.
Right now, i want nothing to do with you. You are brainwashing 2 of my closest friends here, and things have changed DRAMATICALLY in the past few weeks...why do you want to mess things up??! I don't like losing friends...but right now I could care less if u just left. Even if you'd get back to your senses, I still don't think I would think of you the same way as before all this started.
I don't like the changes you have caused.

I hate all this fuckin drama...

and on top of that...our cool RA is no longer our RA cause of a keg party that occurred while he was on duty. we all feel bad..he was a cool guy...

and then theres some more dorm drama that is unfolding...i wont get into that though...ahh..

and to think that saturday was such a nice day...
Everything was back to the way it used to be. We ate brunch together...did some work then me, danielle, deena and steph went and played racketball...that was hilarious!! Then we went and walked to 7-11 and got Slurpees...then continued walking around to the cemetary and through the nice neighborhood that we discovered about a week ago. Then was dinner...then at night from 11:30-2am we all joined Elon, Rico, Sharis, Gerard and a bunch of our other pple at the BSA party in the Lane Center. That was fun...danced all night...good times. :)

Then i get back to the dorm to find that keg party...i chilled w/ them and it was a good time...tho i wasnt drinking...2:30 in the morning is waaay too late for me to it was funny just watching everyone.
Then around 4am i went to bed...

and spent most of today doing homework.
Then after dinner...drama...the drama that spurred my outburst above...
It just pissed me off. I was VERY close to just going off...cause i was getting very mad...but there were other pple i didnt know sitting right there and i didnt wanna cause a scene. I have a feeling though...if things dont change...its gonna get pretty bad. I have a feeling there is going to be some yelling or blowing up of some trying to avoid it but its getting harder and harder to let things go.

I dont wanna end the year on a bad note...WHY CAN'T WE JUST GET BACK TO HOW THINGS WERE?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

so....yeah...the past couple of days have been interesting...

theres a bit of drama going on...but its not the usual drama...or even the not-so-usual drama but its still drama u would expect.

This is deep sh* drama. Its...hard to explain. But its centered around a touchy subject which makes it hard to discuss...but its getting pretty serious. There is a rift in one of my closest groups of Frostburg friends. Half of us are on one side and half are on the other. My side is aware of this split and doesn;t like it, though we don't know how the other side feels. Its really eating at me...i just wanna see; do the others see it too?? But then...once i get that out in the open...whats next?
Some that the conflict is caused by/centered around are unbending, and I dont think are willing to hear the other points of view.

Its complicated...sorry, if im confusing u guys...cause i know im not making any sense...but this is one of those things that would take a long while to explain completely...and you can't do it justice by simply summarizing the issue.

All I know is...something has to come out soon and we need to fix this...cause I don't want to lose some of my closest Frostburg friends because of this issue.
But right now...the division is getting deeper and deeper.

And I just have a bad feeling...somethings gonna go down. I can feel it..the time is coming closer, and someone is just gonna blow up. I want to avoid that...partially cause i fear that person might be me...and also because i dont want to get into a big war w/ my friends, or see them lashing out at eachother.

I think we need to just sit down, keep an OPEN MIND and just talk through this...cause right now we are just drifting apart. i went to my classes...went to out an hour early and took a much needed nap (much needed after chillin w/ Deena, Sharis, Verok and Steph, playin tennis, then talkin w/ them minus steph, and Jamima, Sam and Danielle in Lane til 10:30pm...then talkin to Sharis tellin her whats up for 2-3 hours on the phone...then IMing Deena for another hour or so....i went to sleep at 3am and woke up at 8am...most of my nights have been like that lately...)...then spent about an hour at the gym (which was wasted tonight when i pretty much ate a whole half a bag of cheese then dinner w/ pple...then i went to the BSA luau outside (music, food that i didnt eat, smoothies that i did drink, etc.) that was fun tho it was a bit chilly. Then I chilled w/ Deena at her place...a little drama a lil later...then we chilled at Sharis' with her til...about 1am. and then i chilled in the hall w/ the dorm im considering going to sleep tho im not tired...
just...wanna stop thinking about everything....

1. How often do you get sick?
Um...sick: pretty rarely...tho i have year-round allergies that flare up real bad pretty often, so lots of times i seem sick.
2. Do you take a lot of over the counter medicine?
I always seem to be on 1 or 2 different OTC all the time (mostly allergy meds)..tho i try not to take stuff i dont need,

3. Have you ever been in the hospital for an extended period of time?
Yup...i had surgery for scoliosis in 7th grade...was there for a week or 2...

4. Are there any diseases that run in your family?
I dunno...i need to check aunt has it i think tho i got it worse than anyone... and my mom and grandpa had knee problems...i got that too... i dunno bout diseases tho...

5. What is the best remedy for the common cold?

lotsa sleep, Sprite and my mom always told me to BLOW MY NOSE alot instead of sniffing it back up lol haha :-P

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 refreshing! I went to the pool for the second time since swim season ended tonight. It was great...hard of course...but so nice. It feels sooo good getting back in the water!! Im gonna try to swim every monday and wednesday night for the rest of the semester...which is only about 10 or so more times...but its something. The other days ill keep up my weights/abs/cardio routine ive been doing since the season's end. I like working out...makes me feel so good and relieves my stress... :)
Though, all the dining hall food isn't exactly helping my fitness plan. Especially all the deserts...they are so tempting though! and sometimes, thats all I want to eat! haha.
So...i have made a challenge for myself: No more deserts for the next two days (Thurs. and Fri.). Meaning, no cobbler, cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, ice cream, pudding, etc...i wont even let myself put chocolate chips in my waffles these next two days. I have made bets w/ myself like this before...i'd try to go a week w/out dessert...but i was always very unsuccessful (as in...i failed pretty much every day haha). But this time..ima really try. So if im a bit moody these next two days, its cause i haven't had my sugar fix. :) lol was a good day overall...notin real special...nothin bad tho.

now ima go do mah work...i got a history quiz ima try to do tonite online...and im doin!!

Im bored and procrastinating, so ima do an old "Friday Five":

Choose one and explain

1. Which is worse, the Burning Question ~OR~ the Painful Truth?
um...i guess the painful truth is worse, cause even though i wanna hear the truth, the truth can hurt. plus..if its me asking the burning question, it always feels good to get that off your chest. :)

2. "Live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse" ~OR~ "Live long and prosper"?
I wanna live long and prosper...i have a lot i wanna do in this lifetime!! :)

3. Let bygones be bygones ~OR~ Bitch, I'll cut you!?
Let bygones be bygones...i dont like confrontation. occasionally i may go off like "Bith, ill cut you!!" but those moments are few and far in a lover not a fighter. :-P

4. Private hell ~OR~ Sharing is caring?
I would prefer sharing is caring, though i tend to keep things that are bothering me to myself, or just to write them down and not im more of a "private hell" person.

5. Open hearted ~OR~ Walls around your heart?
Open hearted....i think im very friendly. tho i would say that though im friendly to everyone, it takes me a lil while to completely open up to people. was an overall nice day!

i woke up...went to my 9:30 history always seems to take forever..and we take a REDICULOUS amount of notes in that hour and 15 minutes...but...i like interests its not so bad...

then i had a math test right after that today...i am SOOO confident about that...i think a 100% is possible...i know i got an A. I studied for it and had no problems.

Then i went to lunch w/ steph, holly, danielle and deena...had an omlette for the first time...pple weren;t lying when they said they were good...mmm...props to the omlette lady. :) and i had apple cobbler...also a it.

Then was chemistry lab...which we just listened the whole writing...nothing to turn in...heck yeah! haha. it was about nutrition. i have faced the fact that it is impossible to be healthy and that everything u eat is bad for you, but if u don't eat, thats bad too. so...basically...note to humanity: WE ARE SCREWED!! lol. that was an easy lab and we got out an hour early cause of NO RECESSITATION! oh yeah! :)

Then at 4:30pm i went to the gym w/ danielle, steph and deena for an hour. I did the stairmaster for a half hour, and then did crunches and lifted weights the rest of the time. i love the gym... :)

speaking of the gym: ive started swimming again. lol...i went for the first time since the season ended in early febuary yesterday. i swam for an hour. it was a rough hour! lol. it was fun...felt good getting back in the water...but mayn...i forgot i could hurt like that!! haha...swimming is crucial....
Ive decided that i should put swimming back into my start going to the pool mon. and wed. nights for an hour...and just do the gym the other 3 weekdays.

anywhoo...back to tonight...after the gym we all went to dinner at 6:30pm...hung out...

then me and deena went to get coffee at the Lane Center and were sittin there chillin and talking...then Danielle and Jamima came a lil later and we were chillin and talkin...and ended up watchin 4 shows on tv just cause it was shows of the Parkers, then Girlfriends, then College Hill. haha...we would watch one show, be like...we should go now...but then see the other show start and be like "after this show...." haha.

so i got back to my room around...10pm i think??? 10:30?? i cant remember. Then i talked to the dorm pple, then locked myself in my room and went through the speech i have to give tomorrow several times...i have to get it to be about 5 minutes...give or take no more than a minute...ahh...i hope that goes okay. i dont mind oral presentations...but i hate when it has to be pretty much exactly a certain length. When the professor waves the stopwatch at you while u r still talkin...that drives me nuts...

anywhoo...then i was online for a minute...then i wrote my aunt back...she sent me a postcard from myrtle beach, where she went w/ my cousins/brother/grandparents for spring break.

and now...ima do a lil work then go to sleep!

random thing im lovin: Trident Tropical Twist gum...soooo good!! it tastes soo fruity and the flavor lasts awhile. and pple smell it! haha...whenever i chew it, pple r like...somethin smells good..haha.

Monday, April 11, 2005

well..the weekend is winding down.

I spent most of today attempting to make some progress w/ my chem paper, revising my speech for human communications and reading a lil more for history.

I had dinner w/ the usual crew at the Lane Center, and got my usual chicken caesar on a jalepeno wrap...mmm...delicious. Then we ran into Kevin and Erica, and we all stood around socializing outside for a long time. funny conversations...

i got back to my room at 8pm and got a call from my parents and talked to them. Then i went and played poker w/ some of the dorm people...Sam, Luke, Pat, Jerry, and Chris. I won! lol...i never played poker really before...i really still dont know how to play...but i won...haha...It was an almost 3 hour game...whew!
While we were playing, Mitch was there hanging out, and he wanted to buy a few of those wristbands that raise awareness for different things (Livestrong, etc.) Mitch really wanted the white one that is for the "One Campaign"- its about fighting AIDS and extreme poverty. and then Sam said she wantd the Breast Cancer we went online and saw that they come in packs of 10. we could have got them on EBay for cheaper, but we wanted to buy directly from the site so that the money actually goes to the cause. So we all playing poker went in on it and Mitch got a few others in the dorm to also go in on in a few weeks our Breast Cancer and The One wristbands will come in. yay!

and i have the room to myself for about a week...roomate's pledging a sorority...the last week is spent w/ all the pledges living in a house now have a single for a lil bit...hmmm...feels....lonley....
come back, kier!!!! lol...

and now i must study for a computer science test...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I love hot sunny weather!!! :) Friday was another GORGEOUS me, danielle and deena skipped gthe gym and instead went on a walk. Our plan was to just walk up to Main Street and walk down as far as we want on it. Well...while on Main Street, we saw between some shops and things a fairly short but very steep hill, made of rock/stones, not pavement. We were like "whats up there?" so...being the curious adventurers we are...we climbed up the was a steep lil hill!! lol. and found: a fairly large cemetary. wow! haha. it was an old cemetary...lots of the grave stones had dates from the 1800's on them. cool! haha. so we walked on the path through there. Then we followed the path out the back of the cemetary and continued a neighborhood! a real, live neighborhood!! with real houses! and real families! and real yards! haha...see...u all dont understand..all the houses we see in Frostburg are all small and cramped in and old and not nice looking...haha...but this was (qoute Danielle): "A REAL NEIGHBORHOOD!" haha...
Then we kept walking back and found a cute little park w/ a few swings, a tiny piece of playground equipment and a baseball field. cool cool...we wanna go up and get a kickball and play there sometime.
So we kept walking around there..til we get to the end of the road we were on...and see through a few trees and houses: GOLDEN ARCHES!! haha...we had walked up to where the McDonalds and Sheetz and a few other things are...that was a pretty far walk!! we were should head back! was fun tho...
amazing all the stuff u can find at the top of a hill...

and then friday night we went to Walmart w/ sharis and gerard and went a whole rotisserie chicken for $2!!! can we say...BARAGIAN?! me, steph, deena and 2 pple in steph's dorm: Josh and...i forget the other one's name...she was nice tho...and we had movie night watching "The Day After Tomorrow" and had chicken. yum.

Well, yesterday (Saturday, for u slow was overall pretty good. I did homework throughout the day: mostly preparing my speech for human communications. I think I have it down doing mine on sleep deprivation in college students. :)

In the middle of the day me, steph, deena and danielle took a break and walked up to the coal mine. haha! yes thats right...i said the coal mine...Frostburg is HILARIOUS! lol. Its no longer a working it looks just like 2 huge steep rock pits and things around it, set back in teh woods behind campus. I always hear that the university was built completely over underground mines. Interesting...
So...we walked up there and hung out enjoying the view, taking pictures, talkng and throwing rocks down into the mine and watching them shatter. like a destructive little kid. :)

When we got back, i was craving Chinese and Deena wanted to get away, so me, her and Steph took the bus to Peking House and had chinses for dinner...DELICIOUS! mmm...good stuff. Then while we waited for the bus we went into Movie Gallery and looked around.

Then we went to Walmart and the mall for an hour looking around, and Steph got K-Ci and JoJo's greatest hits now i have a copy...yay! good stuff.


at night deena and I wanted to go out, and we got steph to come too. So..the 3 of us went w/ my friend Jerry from the dorm around walkin looking for a party. We found AOX and went to that party...tho we only stayed about a half hour sucked... worst party ive been to here.

so then we went and hung out w/ danielle, sam and jamima in danielle's room.

then after that i went back to my room a lil after midnight and did more work.

and today ima do some

Thursday, April 07, 2005

okay...eventually ill get into a daily/somewhat/daily blog routine again...but for now, its time for another recap!

Classes have been fine all week...and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL! ive spent time reading my textbooks outside, going to walks, etc. so great.
its like a movie...everyone is chillin outside playing frisbee or football or throwing a baseball around...just doing anything outside.

i had 2 big tests this week...on Tuesday i had a big history test..i got an 89% on i was happy. My Chem test on wed, however...yikes. i havent gotten the grade back yet...but i know i bombed it...whoops....not cool...

any-whoo...ive been having some hilarious conversations recently! Monday i was chillin w/ Deena, Sharis and Danielle, and on occasion was hilarious...for about 3 hours, we were sitting there talkin...somehow we started talkin about the future...and we started predicting eachother's futures: where we'd live, what our houses will be like, what our kids will be like, our husband's names and how everything will be
Mayn..they made my fute messed up!! was hilarious!! according to them, ima marry a hot muscular guy (yay! lol) of sharis' complextion w/ cornrows, named Tyrone. and hes always gonna have money but im never gonna ask where he gets it from...and we'd have 5 kids lol...Tyrone Jr, Shaniqua, Bonquiesha, Denzel and another lil boy w/ a ghetto name. haha. and Tyrone Jr. will be a ladies man makin babies everywhere and he looks like his daddy, Shaniqua is gonna be a rebel and drop outa school, Denzel is gonna get killed so he wont grow up...but the other two are gonna be college grads and make somethin of themselves..haha. oh..and y five kids u ask?? well none of them were really planned...according to sharis, me and my husband r gonna he a love-hate relationship where one minute we are cursin eachother out and the next we r all over all the kids are the results from make-up sex....haha. and we're gonna live in a small, cluttered house, but it wil be homey...and im not gonna move far from where i am now...ill be livin in Oxon Hill all my it was the FUNNIEST conversation ever!! u should have heard everyone elses funny...omg...we were trippin...

Then last night i had a very deep conversation w/ Deena...wont get into that tho...but then i was talkin to shadonna, kayla and shadonna's friend jessica in an online chat for was hilarious...we were bein first talkin bout guys...THAT was funny...then were reminising about old tv shows...then decided to plan a trip to 6 an assortment...haha

then at work today my supervisor came in late and didnt really feel like workin, so we talked the entire time..pretty interesting...had a real good supervisor is soo cool and nice. :)

and in other news...ive been goin to the gym all tryin to stay in shape...i like workin out...makes me feel good. :)
In fact ima head to the gym in about a half hour...

oh! and today just before i started blogging, i got into a lil fight in the hallway...haha. Pat and Troy have those water bomb things (like water balloons only they r balls so they dont pop.) anyways, they were attacking me and shana, so for about 15-30 minues we were out in the hall tryin to hit eachother w/ now my back and leg is all was fun tho. preparing myself for the rain that is supposed to happen this evening...ugh...i want the weather to stay BeAuTiFuL!! lol

Monday, April 04, 2005

weekend recap b4 i sleep:

Ill start w/ was a BeAuTiFuL day!!! all 3 of my classes let out early...i had comp sci for about a half hour...human com. for about 15 min., then chem. for about 5 minutes!!! great!!! lol. and THEN...the icing on the cake was instead of 2 hours of work, i only had to stay for a half hour! YAY! EVERYTHING was workin for me!! haha. So i went to Sharis' room and we decided...its so pretty out....lets go play tennis!! So we played for a long fun...GREAT day!

Then friday night and saturday nights were spent chillin w/ Jamima, Deena, Sharis, Sam, Steph and Danielle at super walmart and the mall..we bought some food and was tryin on clothes and fun fun. :)

And besides that, saturday and sunday were both spent mostly doing homework...almost all of it being chem...ahhh...i wanna get this paper over with!!!

And today (sunday) was cool...cause around 3pm i went and hung out w/ some of my fellow swim team freshmen (5 of the 7 Shannon, Shannon, Steph, me and Nancy..and we went to the Bowler and went bowling. its a nice place...pretty cheap too! we only played one game...that took us about an hour or one game and shoe rental was only $3.25...nice! Back home at Clinton lanes, the same thing is like...$7 or somethin! Anyways...i hadnt been bowling in 4eva!! it was so fun! i bowled a 70...not too bad. :) it was fun.
Then we detoured on the way back to campus to Dairy Queen and got Blizzards...yum!!!
good times...i love the swim team!!

Then i got back and called my parents to chat, then met up w/ steph, sam, deena, sharis, jamima, danielle and elon for dinner at the Lane Center..i got my grilled chicken caesar is SOOO good! i want another...

we sat there at dinner talkin was hilarious...Elon was crackin me up!! good times...

Then i went back to my room and did more chem...then a bunch of us went to Danielle's for our usual Sunday night movie. This time we watched "High School High.." older was soo funny! very stereotypical...but so funny!

and the rest of the night was spent doin homework...i hate chem! i got all my sources for this stupid paper...and i got my detailed outline..its like...10 pages or somethin! haha...i DARE him to say i dont have nothin and throw it back in my face again! i WANT him to do it!!!!! grrrr.....i hate chem...

and on that note, i am gonna go to sleep...daylight savings time tricked me horribly this morning...i slept til 11am and was!...i NEVER sleep this late! then i realized...i usually wake up at about 10am on the with the lose-an-hour of sleep...11am is right on time. ugh. i hate spring time...haha...lets "fall back" again! lol.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

i must start blogging slacking, i kno...

Ive been pretty busy getting back into the swing of things after break. The work is starting to pile week is gonna be brutal...tests and projects like crazy....they weren't lying when they said the last month or so is the toughest!

Other than the crazy amounts of work (and and having a minor flipout after chem was going bad on Ian...bad time to chat w/ me...haha...), classes r going fine.

and ive been goin to the gym everyday for about an hour each time. Fun workin out.

and work has been was fun. Melanie was showing me how the big video cameras work, and how to adjust the focus and keep the right views. I practiced a few things w/ was fun. And I learned a little about how to work the switchboard in the control room. fun fun. i love mass communications!

and ive been chillin w/ Danielle, Deena and all them some...tuesday night we hung out for a long at Sam's! haha.

and the dorm has been interesting...a lil more on that now..

a few nights ago i played frisbee w/ Pat in the hall....and 2nite we were playin catch w/ an orange and baseball gloves til the orange started juicing...haha.

and Keir and I started a little war w/ Pat and Jerry when we threw confetti all over their they stole our sheets and pillows off our got em back tho. But it is WAR! haha....mission 2 is in the works.... :)

well now i got work to do....

Monday, March 28, 2005

href="">Which Family Guy character are you?


well...spring break has come and gone...ima do a quick update b4 i go to sleep and get ready for my return to CLASS tomorrow..

Friday night: got home from Frostburg, after detouring to my grandma's for dinner....mmm...

Saturday: Celebrate my brother's birthday: went w/ the cousins and him to play laser tag...was fun tho i have gotten alot worse since the last time i played...
Then my aunt and uncle joined us back at my house for pizza and to hang it was cool seeing all of them.

Sunday: chill lotsa homework done, computer games...made plans w. pple for later in the week...chilled w/ the family...

Monday: went to Cosca and played tennis w/ Ian, Steph and Ricky for a few fun...

Tuesday: more tennis.. went to Tucker Road w/ steph and sharis and played tennis for awhile...then our former oxon hill teammates came for their game their against high point. So we talked w/ them and watched the game. Then when the game was over we played around for a while longer. it was lots of fun...nice seeing all them...felt like i was back in high school for a minute...we were there from

Wednesday: went on a sightseeing trip to DC w/ steph, jonathan and ian. it was funny. of COURSE we pick the RAINYEST day of break to walk around DC!! lol...we took the metro all over...walked around Chinatown...spent a long time in the Museum of American a lil time in the Museum of Natural History (mostly to avoid the after all that we took the metro home, and went out to CiCi's pizza in Rivertown for dinner...yummy. Then we went to Jonathan's house, where Alanna joined us, and we all talked and played monopoly and stuff. good times...

Thursday: went out to eat at the Hong Kong International Buffet w/ my grandma...YUM...i LOVE that place... and then that night i went to Lindsey's house and caught up w/ her...we also watched Spiderman 2...i liked it better than the first...

Friday: went to the movies w/ Sherrelle, Steph and Ian and saw Miss Congeniality 2 (good movie...funny) and wandered around the mall. that was lotsa fun...i was in a great mood...havent seen Sherrelle in awhile. tho my stomach started feeling after all that i went home and then felt even worse...i think i caught a stomach virus my brother had a few days i spent the rest of my last day of freedom in bed or lying on the sofa...

and today: i came back to Frostburg...didnt even get to stay home for Easter dinner! we REALLY should get easter monday off..what r they thinking???
So instead of easter dinner w/ my family, we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's in LaVale. Good...but not the same...

After unpacking and doing a lil work, i went to Sam's room and hung out w/ her, Deena, Jamima, Sharis and Danielle; and we watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" on Sam's laptop. it was a good movie..funny.

and now im doin a lil more homework b4 tomorrow!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Time for the weekend/Monday recap.

This was a pretty good weekend...

Friday night was great. Singer/rapper/beatboxer/breakdancer/guitarist Akil Dasan, from Missy Elliot's tv talent show "Road to Stardom" came to Frostburg for a show. It was SOOOO GREAT! was a small, informal show up in the loft...which is sort of a coffeehouse setting..sofas...small wooden stage, dim lights..etc.

I went w/ Sharis, Steph, Deena, Danielle, Gerard and Jamima...we were chillin... The show was supposed to start at 7:30pm, but it didnt start til about 8:30pm, cause Akil ran out of gas on 68...that SUX when ur drivin through the middle of nowhere!! lol. But it was still cool tho, cause this guy Jay got up on the mike and was jokin around the whole time about everything...he was was like a comedy that was fun. Then Akil got here and did his thing. It was such a good show! I wanna buy his cd, show support...hes really good at what he does. He did everything. And he was so cool..he was jokin around w/ everyone and all.
He did his thing, but also he did some things which his manager was like he never saw him do b4... like Akil was singin this one old song, and this girl Nikki at our school who sing good was sitting up front and we all were tellin her to go sing w/ they ended up doing like a duet...that was cool.

Then partway through the show, Akil goes to the middle of the room between the sofas and starts breakdancing. But then he got into a battle w/ this guy, Steve, at our school that breakdances very well. The two of them were going back and forth several was great..we all were crowded around fun.

Then after Akil rapped/sang/etc. some more, at the end he freestyled w/ this other guy who goes to our school.

It was a real cool show. Akil Dasan is very talented...did a great show. I also loved how informal it was and how he chilled w/ everyone and did all that extra stuff w/ us. He was like..daym...i didnt kno Frostburg had so much talent!
Oh yeah!! Don't underestimate the burg yo! lol

Then Saturday was pretty good. I can't remember what i did during the day, but at night there was a party in the Lane Center i went to w/ the usual people. It was those parties. Then i came back ad chilled w/ the dorm people for awhile, then still wasnt tired so i did some work for another to bed a lil after 4am.

Sunday...woke up at 9am and started to finish my chemistry. Did that til brunch, then after brunch finished it....spent the rest of the day in the library/my room doing work....that was pretty much my

Monday wasnt anything special really...tho night time was funny...a bunch of us were in RJs room listening to the music he downloaded...he has such a huge range...everything from rap, rock, phantom of the opera, 80's was pretty funny.

And today was the longest day of the week...had a test...a lab...a discussion project scheduled outside of class time from i was busy straight from 9:30-5:30 today...didnt even have time to go to the gym....

and after dinner, which made my stomach try to eat itself...ouch....
i went to walmart w/ sam and luke. A bunch of my friends in the dorm decided that we should have a dorm like...10 of us or so had a lil meeting and decided on what each of us would make and which kitchens each of us can cook in. The potluck is scheduled for tomorrow at 7pm. Im excited.its gonna eb fun! and real food! Im making fettechini hope it turns out okay. Ive never made it before...and ive really never cooked b4. I can make desserts...and lasagna...thats about it...haha.. im gonna visit my sis and Holly in Cambridge...maybe steal some food...haha. peace!

Friday, March 11, 2005

ah. its officially FRIDAY!!! tho...its friday morning...nothin to get excited about...

well this has been a good week...not too much work...doing good on all my tests...

Wednesday night was the room lottery for next year. Im moving to a new place next year! lol... Im movin to the dorm thats basically right in front of West...Frederick. They are set up the same way, but i think Fred is a tiny bit cleaner. And ill be goin from the 6th floor of West to the 2nd of Frederick! yay! No more 6 flights of stairs!! lol. Ill be rooming w/ my friend Danielle..yay! and we got an 8 person quad. So our friends Deena and Jamima got a room next to us in our quad...yay! Then at the lottery, we teamed up w/ these three other girls who are also going to be in our quad. I know of them all, tho i dont kno any of them well...but i dont think we will have any real glad we agreed to get a quad together...cause otherwise we would have gotten 4 pple we didnt know at all...and based on what ive seen w/ roomate luck other pple have...luck isnt good. So im happy...there is only one girl no one knows in our quad. so its all good. im excited about moving next year! Tho i do like West...this has been a good year in the dorms. a bit drama-filled...but fun.

After that all us 7 soon-to-be quad-mates toured Frederick on our then went and visited Sam, then called Sharis and visited Holly and Steph to tell them where we will be living next semester. But while we were chillin in Cambridge w/ Holly and Steph in the lounge on the 4th floor, Chris comes out and steals the shoe off my foot! So hes running around hiding it and tossing it back and forth....i FINALLY get it back...but then i sneak into his room and grab his cell phone. So he was chasin me around trying to get it. Finally, i was like...ill leave w/. his phone...but i was tired so i went to wait for the elevator instead of taking the stairs...

well...the elevator door opens and i get in...but just as its shutting, Chris dives ina and is u wanna play THAT way?!! Then he HITS ALL THESE BUTTONS ON THE hes like...attacking me!!! while we r going up and down in the elevator...and im trying to keep his phone away from him..cause he had also stolen Holly's keys..haha. The elevator kept stopping on floors and i kept trying to get out, but he kept pulling me back in and making the door FINALLY he ended up getting his phone and sends the elevator back to the 4th floor and walks off...and im sitting on the floor of the elevator all tired from the fight..haha...Steph, Danielle and Deena are just standing there by the elevator laughing. mayn...that was a workout! haha

Anyways...then tonight after the gym then dinner, me, steph, allen, erica, deena and danielle went to "Frostburg Idol," this little singing competition. That was cool..we have some good singers here. And the winner, Nikki, went to my middle school! mayn is it a small so that was cool. it was fun.

then i was IMing Deena/Allen/Danielle...and i just finished some im chillin b4 bed...

they r calling for snow a delay possible??? hhmmm....
*crossing fingers...*

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I HAVE DONE IT!! I HAVE FIXED MY INTERNET!! Five hours works...ah. im so relieved...that was exhausting!!! i woke up feeling like i hadnt slept at all...went to my 9am computer science class to take a test...i have no idea how i did...some questions were super easy, others were like...huh?

The test only took a half hour, so then i went to breakfast w/ anita, irish and steve-o... then was that class...tho we r currently preparing for a group project...yikes.

Then i almost slept through boring...and the comfy seats dont help to keep me

then at work-study i did some little errands and things... we were putting together stuff about the history of the tv station for this one guy's project, and looking through reports from other stations looking for ways to earn money/get funding for the station. And i made some copies of different things...just little odd-jobs today.

then i went to the gym w/ a bunch of pple from about 4:30-6pm...good times. I LOVE working out... then we all went to dinner...not very good, but im not picky...

then i pretty much spent from 8pm til 12:30am trying to get my interent working...which i finally did so i ran down the hall screaming "I HAVE MY INTERNET!! YAY!!!" lol...

and im thinkin of going to sleep soon, cause that really wore me out....